Mohith Yadav

MSc, Forensic science

I Caught Forensics not by watching TV series, but by reading real forensic science books, journals and learning courses.
My love for photography led to the learning of Forensic Photography.
Fingerprints the world of Loops, Arches and Whorls trained in dusting, lifting interpret results in reports.
I am a Reviewer at the “German Journal of Forensic Science.” I visited crime scenes, examined the evidence, and submitted opinions to the Police Department in Karnataka, India.
My Pistol Shooting passion got my attention in Ballistics and Member in Karnataka State Rifle Association.
I Completed the majority of training in body fluid identification and DNA analysis.
I trained in the analysis of Toxicology samples like alcohol, drugs, food forensics and the results of which lead to a conclusion acceptable to experts in the field.
I trained in Interpreting analytical results, Post-mortem reports Forensic Science Laboratory reports and prepare written opinion reports. May testify as an expert witness in courts of law.
Forensic Genealogy trained with real genealogist helps in missing person, cold cases and many more.
Investigating cold cases is a booster to my brain.
Hackers scared me so started learning Ethical hacking, cyber forensics, tools used in recovery data, mobile device hacking, Authentication of videos, photos which gets viral in social media, Analysis of CCTV footages.
Victim assistance is my strongest unique selling point. I assisted in many trauma victims from domestic violence, physical abuse, sexual assault and other.
Teaching to the next generation is my one in many passion my teachers taught me so many tricks, I am interested to pass on to next-gen.