On July 12th, 2018, my MS.c Forensic Science journey started by leaving the government job wanted to study this subject my thirst finally got admission in Jain (Deemed to be) University, Bengaluru. All strangers met from all over India in one place. Strangers to friends from friends to Forensic Family, this transformation was phenomenal. I never felt lost in these two years with my forensic family. The first people to meet in the masters are the “Quadrant of India” group (Rushali, Ritwika, Kalpana, Vandana, Sowjanya, Biraj, aka bunny). Gorgeous glorita ma’am, she is beauty with brains I never missed her class. Bullet speeds talented questioned documents expert Peter sir, aka Pedro. I saved his number in this name lol. I met model cum critic Abhraneel Dev Choudhury. Standup born artist with so much forensic medicine experience We call him Doctor Ashar, aka Dagani baba. We three became best buddies later joined in our group Riya beautiful silent booklover. Energy like an athlete martial artist handsome expertise in Criminal Profiling Mebin sir his psychology class you will never come to know the time. Don sir coordinator for both UG and PG, he was the heart and soul to this forensic family. When he decided to leave us in 3rd-semester, tears filled in my eyes and others. Now the intro of Intelligent scientist in this family was Mr. Vidhuran, who joined in the team we four became buddies who used hangout more in college. Two years it went just like that for me each minute I spent with this family, the memories will be forever and ever. My Forensic Family is big, with beautiful hearts.

The giant jumbo in this family is Aradhya lovely person and a friend you cannot miss in life. With him, one girl I met who is hyperactive, she is so loud no microphone matches her Surabhi from mysuru, aka Zin (Zumba teacher). Vichar sir DNA forensics expert I call him vichu bhai he is more than my brother whenever I feel the pain, he motivated me, and any help sir will be ready he is spiritual too. Hard-working friend every time I pull his leg still, he speaks sweetly with me Kevin with him one lady siren we call her ‘PP’ Niveditha P. In this forensic family we have two Nivedita R and P so the name PP. I met an intelligent scholar who remembers IPC CrPC sections just like that, and sir is a good dancer Dr. Anup, sir. Studious gang and very brainy people never mess with them, but you know they are lovely people guys Gayathri, Varshini, Poojitha, Sharon Nair, Angela, Monisha NET JRF qualified proud of you friend, Disha, Anandita, Sai shabarish, Akhil, Arvind. Sharp like a Sword Hemanth sir my brother forever his classes full 100 % attendance. This family has a strong base power from God’s Own Country people “Psychedelics.” Anna, Aswathi, Sharon Jerome, Amal, Aparna, Amitha, Amith, Justin, Bhardwaj, Mamatha, Malavika, Geethu, Rukma, Salabha, Vaisakh, Ayisha, Jemi, Aisha, Retty, Sona, Laura, Aiswarya, Jesna, Veena, Amrutha and Junaid. Silent very helpful ma’am Deepti ma’am Forensic Chemistry expert. Wonderful Cute, talented Forensic Toxicology expert Jayati ma’am who recently got married. Very Intelligent full of knowledge dedicated person Manish sir his classes are like you want more but one hour goes like 1min sir explains topics in such way nothing goes outside head everything gets inside. Manish sir, a role model teacher and expert in Forensic Anthropology.

Divided two states but united by language that is Telugu gang. Anjali, Havilah, Srivani, Sowndarya Sowjanya, Vandana, Vani, Chandini, Praveen, Michael Jackson, in this family Dasu the dancer. Deepshikha, a separatist. Farhan best buddy to all. Roshani dancer cum artist multi-talented girl in this family. Mahalakshmi lady boss and lovely friend to hang out, but Riya comes to a bonus. Both are besties. Shubhnkar football player and helpful friend. Shreya and Subhanjali best friends both pull my leg so much; still, both are good dancers. Gowri, an excellent friend who is getting married, my best wishes. Nandhini and Rushali, aka Patel, are both besties and my best friend forever. Now one more beautiful and talented teacher, Dr. Suchita ma’am Forensic Entomology expert she is a very dedicated and helpful teacher. Dr. Reena ma’am, you thought statistics so well I’ll never forget the classes you are very approachable ma’am. From Manipur Lhingneihting, aka Ating best buddy to all pronouncing her name is challenging to many. Daksha is very straightforward with Kalpana and Mansi. Last but not least, my sisters in this family, Shreenidhi, aka Nidhi, Shruthy, aka Moti Behan, Vedavalli, aka Vedhu, my beautiful sisters, changed me from Short-tempered to Cool person. Finally, Mohith, aka Mohini who sold tomatoes in fresher’s day to all these family members. Friends, we are divided by gangs but united by Forensic Family Forever. I miss you all lots of love each day with you all. I enjoyed it a lot. One national workshop on Psychology and National conference working with this family is the most wonderful experience I ever had and remarkable two times “Maar Dala” special dance performances by Abhraneel and team. Me being a serious guy started smiling because of the loving care you all gave me I’m indebted to you all. All my family members, please don’t forget me. Thank you, all my friends and my teachers. Be Unstoppable lots of love, see you all soon.

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