Covid-19 Pandemic On February 12, 2020, the WHO named the disease brought about by the novel "COVID sickness 2019" (COVID-19). Official names reported for the infection liable for COVID-19 (recently known as "2019 novel COVID") and the ailment it causes. Co and Vi originate from COVID, Tedros clarified, with D meaning disease and 19 representing … Continue reading THE TRUTH ABOUT COVID-19

Cyber Crimes During Covid-19

The Web, PCs, phones, and different types of innovation have reformed each part of human life throughout the most recent a very long while, including how we impart, bank, shop, get the news, and engage ourselves. These mechanical progressions have additionally made mass open doors for wrongdoers to perpetrate different types of wrongdoing. Online wrongdoings … Continue reading Cyber Crimes During Covid-19