Structural Analysis Of The Burnt Bone

Human Bone is a perplexing composite material that can differ even with its essential beginning conditions. Scientists have reduced the temperature used to burn skeletal remains with a new technique for analyzing molecules in the bone to shed light on long-ago burial and cooking practices and advance modern forensic medicine. A recently discovered feature of … Continue reading Structural Analysis Of The Burnt Bone

An Introduction to Forensic Science

Forensic science is a dynamic field with different specialties, including scientific anthropology, life science, chemical science, physical science, forensic accounting, forensic architecture, and digital forensics. You name it, and there's likely a forensic science sub-field. Most forensic researchers study a particular science, such as science or life science, while others seek legal science certificates established … Continue reading An Introduction to Forensic Science


Brief History of the Case: Tumkur (place changed) Police station Inspector of Police visited on late Rahu's (name changed) house. 301/5 On 29/11/2019 at 13:00 hours late, Rahu's (name changed) wife gave a written complaint. According to her on 28/11/2019, around 16:30 hours, her husband took his S.B.B.L (single barrel breach loading) gun to protect … Continue reading GUNSHOT CASE