Ecological Toxicology is the investigation of the impacts of standard and engineered contaminations in the earth. Expository Toxicology manages the assurance of the degrees of presentation to potential poisons by means of air, water, or food. Natural toxicology, additionally called as entox, is a multidisciplinary field of science worried about the investigation of the severe … Continue reading ABC OF ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY


Covid-19 Pandemic On February 12, 2020, the WHO named the disease brought about by the novel "COVID sickness 2019" (COVID-19). Official names reported for the infection liable for COVID-19 (recently known as "2019 novel COVID") and the ailment it causes. Co and Vi originate from COVID, Tedros clarified, with D meaning disease and 19 representing … Continue reading THE TRUTH ABOUT COVID-19

Cyber Crimes During Covid-19

The Web, PCs, phones, and different types of innovation have reformed each part of human life throughout the most recent a very long while, including how we impart, bank, shop, get the news, and engage ourselves. These mechanical progressions have additionally made mass open doors for wrongdoers to perpetrate different types of wrongdoing. Online wrongdoings … Continue reading Cyber Crimes During Covid-19

Everyone Loves Teachers Day

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat, Param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah. I Love My Teachers The tale of Teachers Day goes this way: When Dr Radhakrishnan got to work as India's second president in 1962, his understudies moved toward him and approached him for consent to observe September 5 as a … Continue reading Everyone Loves Teachers Day

Drug Abuse: What A Mistake!

Say No to Drugs... Introduction: Drug Abuse Drug abuse is the use of substances, including alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs, to feel or change the perception of reality or to perform better in certain situations. Clinically diagnosed as substance use disorder, addiction is a recognized condition that involves compulsive use and substance with negative … Continue reading Drug Abuse: What A Mistake!


Brief History of the Case: Tumkur (place changed) Police station Inspector of Police visited on late Rahu's (name changed) house. 301/5 On 29/11/2019 at 13:00 hours late, Rahu's (name changed) wife gave a written complaint. According to her on 28/11/2019, around 16:30 hours, her husband took his S.B.B.L (single barrel breach loading) gun to protect … Continue reading GUNSHOT CASE

“Athma Nirbhar Bharat आत्मनिर्भर भारत”

India Bharat, a self-reliant country, we say athma nirbhar Bharat. Today 74th Independence Day, it has been 74 years. Are we independent? Are we athma nirbhar Bharat! Freedom fighter’s bloodshed for years; their spirit is still with us. On the midnight of 15th, 1947, India is an independent country. We all know the sacrifice of … Continue reading “Athma Nirbhar Bharat आत्मनिर्भर भारत”


On July 12th, 2018, my MS.c Forensic Science journey started by leaving the government job wanted to study this subject my thirst finally got admission in Jain (Deemed to be) University, Bengaluru. All strangers met from all over India in one place. Strangers to friends from friends to Forensic Family, this transformation was phenomenal. I … Continue reading “FORENSIC FAMILY FOREVER”